We faced a new challange. Neuron soundware was invited to partner with T-Systems to carry out a showcase project combining hightech: Augmented Reality & Artificial intelligence & Internet of Things & 5G connectivity. How we could do that in a single showcase?

Robotic arm monitored by Neuron soundware

We brought to the live a pure innovation:
An robotic arm operation data will be monitored using artificial intelligence algorithm, which is the core competence of Neuron soundware. The IoT device, connected via 5G network, is used for audio data collection in order to discover anomalies in the behavior of the robot arm and its handling process. …

People will live in Space. But our bodies need Gravity. How we can do it? Several concepts of artificial gravity were defined. I think that I might have just invented a new one. I called it the Konecny Space Station after myself. Just in case somebody once built it. It is quite simple. ;-)

The solution is not based on some “Startrek” weird technology or continuous acceleration by Epstein's drive of The Expanse TV Series. It is all based on the known high school physics. And it only works close to planets or moons, while people still being in orbit.

Why not use a wheel space station

There might be just one answer to two fundamental questions: Are we alone in the Universe? Are we living in the Simulation? And AI might be the answer to both of these questions.

What is the Simulation hypothesis?

The simulation hypothesis is the proposal that all of reality, including the Earth and the rest of our universe, could in fact be a computer simulation. Nick Bostrom popularised this idea in his book “Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?” published in 2003. It has captivated many popular scientists and innovators such as Elon Musk [interview]and Neil deGrasse Tyson[Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate].

However, the idea is not novel. It appeared in many movies like the famous Matrix (1999). I especially like the Ship in a Bottle (S06E12) episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993).

The Enterprise spaceship is…

Qattara Depression is in Egypt. Its deepest point is about 130m below the sea level. The idea was using that as an advantage firstly brought in 1912. The multiple different project proposals were considered: Using the elevation distance as a hydro plant or divert Nil river to establish freshwater Qattara Lake. That would make this part of the Sahara Desert habitable. However, the cost of building a canal or tunnels was extreme. The proposed solution to use 213 nuclear bombs (every 1.5 millions of TNT) for the land extravasation was quickly discarded.

However, we could use the advance in the…

COVID-19 makes more than 30 million people unemployed just in US within weeks. That’s about 20% of US jobs. Artificial intelligence (AI) might be as significant as COVID.

Yet, there is a key difference between COVID and AI. Most of the jobs lost due to COVID might come back after the quarantine restrictions are released. That will not be the case of AI. The average expectation is that about 35% of jobs would be replaced by AI software within the next 10 years.

You can check the probability of replacing your occupation at this fancy website. For example, self-driving vehicles

We could not only save our planet but also make possible to reach Proxima Centaury by the end of our century. And it might cost less than the International Space Station.

About a year ago, I wrote an article on using a large fleet of solar sail spacecraft to compensate for the released CO2. It seems to be far the cheapest option to save our planet of the effect of Global Warming. However, that is not the only benefit. We could use them for interstellar travel.

Power of Sun

The fleet of solar sails probes to combat Global Warming will need to cover 1.2 million sq. km. That represents the power of about 10 TW ~ 120.000.000 Newton force provided by solar radiation (assuming F slightly higher than 9.08 μN/m2 at 1AU — the…

At Neuron soundware, we specialise in analysing the sound of machines to enable predictive maintenance.

Physics defines sound as a vibration that propagates as an audible wave of
pressure through a transmission medium such as gas, liquid or a solid. Most of the sounds we hear are generated from solid materials, including human speech. Although we need to breathe in order to speak, the muscle tension of the vocal cords must be precisely managed in order to generate the voice.

If humans happen to hear a strange noise, such as an iron spoon slowly moving on the glass or a low frequency roar from a distance, this can
cause the body to automatically respond with goosebumps…

We are only just understanding the advantages that can come with edge computing

Back in 2016, I visited CEBIT conference in Hannover. It was full of so called “smart” things which I did not find smart at all. This “smart” things hype included, in fact, many just “connected” devices that in most cases, delivered a single purpose, narrowly defined benefit to the user.

A few examples I still remember:

  • A pipe valve that allowed to monitor the position remotely (open/close)
  • A gas volume measurement device that, if secretly installed into a gas tank, could identify a truck driver stealing fuel and
  • An electric plug, which can be switched on and off via wi-fi.

Even if emissions would go down, we will still need to face the consequences of the increased level of CO2. Unless we dim the Sun. And it might be much cheaper than you would though.

Almost kg of CO2 is every year released and mainly stays in the atmosphere. We increased the concentration from 300 ppm to more than 400 ppm during the last hundred year. And we will most likely double it before we move to CO2 neutral methods of energy production.

So, can we even avoid the negative consequences of the released CO2?

Despide all negative news on global warming, I see one viable option to save our civilization. But we need to change our thinking in two ways: Firstly, we need to start using tools of 21st century and secondly, we…

Pavel Konecny

Founder of NeuronSW.COM

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